About Venice

Welcome to Venice!

Sometimes we go far away to find what we already have very close.

On the train to Venice I was determined to discover the real Venice, not the tourist one. 

Its reputation precedes it. It's a magic city.

The atmosphere is melancholic: the mist on the lagoon, the typical boats called 'gondole' gliding on the water, flocks of noisy seagulls and pigeons crossing the sea: Venice, always amazing, charming in every season.

I prefer the cloudy weather but when it is sunny the lagoon, the several bridges, the ancient historic buildings, the boats, live in beautiful colors, as in a painting.


Last time I was captured by people, art and little workshops.

A maze of alleys in a interminable labyrinth, shops and windows selling everything: statues, colored glasses, masks, precious fabrics, and more.

There's a lot of beautiful things not to be missed, for example San Marco's Square, of course!
Take a boat to the islands of Murano, where they produce glasses and Burano, where they make laces, you'll do appreciate it.

Enjoy the city and the good food, amazing Venice, pictures will remind me of you.

About Mexico


It's October, and I'm flying to... Mexico!

After twelve hours flight and two hours by bus I finally arrived in Cancun, then Tulum, a little town in the Quintana Roo District in the Peninsula of Yucatan.

It is possible to do many excursions, there are interesting archeological sites such as Maya Ruins

in Tulum, Cobà, and the famous Chichèn Itzà, Mondial Heritage, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Going towards Punta Allen there is the Riserva della Biosfera of Sian Ka'an a natural National Park where it is possible to find many animal species, such as  jaguars and crocodiles.

When walking  becomes too tiring it is possible to relax on the beach, where? On one of the most breathtaking ones: Playa Paraiso, where it's possible to do some snorkeling on the beautiful coral reef surrounded by amazing colors, sea-turtles and fishes.

Throughout the territory there are the cenotes, natural swimming pools with pending roots, trees and plants. Gorgeous. There are hundreds of these 'cenotes', open wells of pure fresh water.

When these cenotes are closed, they become caves, misterious and dangerous, full of bats, stalactites and stalagmites. The water is ice cold and it's better to wear a diving suit, but it is really worth it.

Here we are! Something about food? Simply perfect! 

Colored, hot and spicy, tacos, totopos, tortillas, fajitas and guacamole...

Something to drink? Maybe a fresh beer, a Margarita, a Tequila with salt and lemon, or Mescal.

Back to Milan I brought blue skies in my eyes, the songs of Mariachi in my ears, the salt of the ocean on my skin, and smiling people in my heart.

Magic Mexico!

About Lake Orta

Day off? Lake!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and... it's the perfect day for a trip to Lake Orta, located west of Lake Maggiore.

Orta San Giulio it is an hour and 40 minutes from Milan by car, more or less the time to listen to 25 songs.

Leaving the ancient mansion Villa Crespi behind, you can walk on foot through the narrow streets, and along the lake.

It is unavoidable to notice San Giulio Island, just in the middle of the lake, accessible only by boat in a few minutes.

Orta San Giulio is a romantic place, where to spend holidays in every season, visiting the over 20 chapels frescoed by Morazzone.

A walk in slow motion holding an ice-cream and looking at the shops, in the evening a dinner in a typical pretty restaurant, eating fish, all is quiet, it is as if the time has stood still.

The right place to relax.

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